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Nanjing increased by more than doubled
British industry reached (2356) Nanjing plant, the second phase of the project has been in last month completed, the estimated future maximum capacity of the device will see 86 million units, compared to the previous increases to 110%, reportedly the largest customer meters Lei Jun, founder of the, of the group commitment: "2 years to put the production line to fill." Legal person pointed out that the British industry up to this year's orders accounted for more than 50% of millet, shipments will take off from 40 million.
British industry reached (IEC) within the group responsible for mobile phone, wireless audio, wearable device smart career ", in 2011 was incorporated into the group, was responsible for the mobile phone brand" OKWAP operation "of IAC (IAC). At present, a total of Inventec Shanghai, Nanjing, two major producing areas, the former to undertake apple, nest, Fitbit for export customers; as for the latter, the largest customer is good at "fans marketing" small meters.
The rapid expansion of millet machine, let Nanjing factory production capacity gradually inadequate, so in June 2014, group director will the budget of 50 million dollars (about NT $17 billion yuan) of the second phase of capacity investment plan. After 11 months of the project, and finally completed in December last year, 6 floors high, the total floor of a total of two floors of the Nanjing plant, the current production line has reached 8, the entire Nanjing plant is up to 44.
It is understood, Lei Jun after IAC inspections of Nanjing new factory, namely to the cooperation has 5 years ODM partners said "within two years to put the production line to fill", let the IAC confidence increased. Future second phase of production gradually pulled back, the entire factory of Nanjing's maximum capacity, from the past 41 million units, a pull high to 86 million units