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Billions of dollars under the single OLED panel market situation mutation
    OLED panel is currently comparable to the level of fiery VR, and VR is one of the key components of OLED panels, OLED display industry as a recognized orthodox successor in the future development is limitless, according to the authority of the year is expected to use the global OLED screen Of the smart phone market value will reach hundreds of billions of yuan.
    OLED screen next year with the iPhone will be listed This is almost the consensus of the industry, but for the majority of fruit powder, looking for years of OLED screen iPhone new products in 2017 came out is very exciting, but also less than surprising Effect, after all, the market has a lot of domestic mobile phones have adopted the OLED screen.
    From the currently available information, the next generation of new iPhone early OLED panel used by Samsung Display and LG Display two basic supply, Apple to take into account their large volume of orders may be limited by the actual productivity can not be completed in time, so consistent Of the parts supply strategy is a single component suppliers must be more than one. However, the two panel OLED materials are provided by the United States Universal Display.
    Insiders pointed out that Apple has begun for the iPhone product line from the use of LCD screen to migrate to the OLED screen well prepared. But considering its huge shipments, so in the case of limited capacity, the iPhone next year, there may be two new panel material version, one is the OLED display screen, may have no border design.
    More than once the industry hinted that Apple launched the OLED screen next year, iPhone, and earlier news broke the news Apple has submitted billions of dollars for the OLED purchase order review, in the third quarter of this year's earnings in the "assets of debt" May be with the iPhone's new OLED screen order-related procurement.
    Samsung Display is currently considered to be the biggest beneficiaries, but JDI and Sharp and other Japanese panel plant in the strong investment, hoping to attract Apple's order. Sharp previously announced an investment of $ 566 million for OLED production line construction, JDI is also actively preparing for the goal is to create a LCD to OLED production line.
    Most people for the JDI cognitive or start the teacher's hammer mobile phone conference, JDI since listing in 2014, the market value has fallen almost Bacheng, more than half of the revenue from Apple, but this imbalance caused by the potential Crisis, such as the decline in sales by the impact of iPhone, JDI is also facing a predicament of loss.
    JDI is the main supplier of Apple's iPhone screen, with Apple's new iPhone equipped with OLED screen, JDI also ushered in a turn for the worse in the company's financial situation still insist on investing billions of dollars for the OLED production line. In addition to Apple's OLED order to meet demand, JDI is also very optimistic about OLED display market in the future development prospects.
    JDI for the future layout of the panel industry is foresight, although the OLED production line funding sources are mostly loans or equity financing, allegedly JDI shareholders will meet Apple's behavior expressed dissatisfaction, but if you can follow Apple's marketing strategy, I believe For the future development of JDI is detrimental.
    The major domestic panel manufacturers are actively layout, expand OLED panel production, has a large-scale production line investment. China's largest panel manufacturers in Chengdu, Sichuan BOE OLED panel plant construction, will be completed with a monthly capacity of 10 million smart phone panel shipments. Investment of more than 31 billion yuan.
    Shenzhen Tianma is the construction of the TFT-LCD factory in Wuhan City to OLED dedicated factory. At present the main AMOLED products for 5 inches or so mobile phone panel. Pegasus plans to increase investment in the current construction of two, capacity 4 1000 flexible OLED panels, plans to put into operation in the second half of 2017, capacity designed for the monthly 500-600 million 5.5-inch AMOELD module ship capacity.
    Huaxing Optoelectronics OLED market strategy in the future mainly in the large-size panel, from a global point of view, at present, only LGD building 8-generation OLED production line, other panel manufacturers do not in-depth layout of large-size OLED. But Huaxing back TCL, believe in the future large-size OLED market is promising.
    OLED is like a giant such as Apple is also optimistic about the domestic panel makers, OLED is undoubtedly the future trend of the display industry, market demand will continue to increase over time. Although the current iPhone7 Plus screen quality is very good, but compared with the OLED is still inferior, OLED material with faster response time, better viewing angle, higher display quality, in addition to a lower Power consumption and the resulting longer life.
    Previously, whether in the smart phone or large-size TV field, occupy the market high-end mostly Japanese and Korean manufacturers, the reason lies in the hands of high quality panel resources, whether it is mainstream TFT-LCD, or a new generation of OLED , Japanese and Korean manufacturers are in the accumulation of basic technology on one step ahead.
    But in the future of the OLED market, Chinese panel makers to show a decisive layout strategy, the Chinese panel makers have the financial and policy on the dual support in the future layout of the OLED panel has a natural advantage, while highly mobile, in the OLED Panel field continued investment in production, is expected in the near future China's OLED panel production capacity will surpass South Korea to become the world's first.