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Apple plans to use surface LCD panel?
        According to reports from foreign media iPhoneHacks, display maker JDI said today that they will begin production of surface LCD panels in 2018. The company hopes that this move will be able to catch up with its main rival, Samsung, which produces surface OLED panels that have been dominating the market.

        "The new LCD panel will use plastic instead of glass," says Shuji Aruga, chief operating officer of JDI. "The surface level may not be better than some OLED panels, but it's already available on phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

       Shuji Aruga said the new panel will begin mass production in 2018, provided that their customers have this demand. According to JDI's financial statements, the company's major customers include Apple and Huawei.

      Earlier reports show that Apple is planning this year's new iPhone in the use of surface OLED panel, the Cumbino company in this year's iPhone models tend to use all the OLED panel, but due to supply restrictions, Apple has been unable to Promote this plan.