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2017 panel accessories are crazy polarized film prices 7%
    According to the Road, the second half of the panel supply strong demand, polarizer supply reduced, leading to the market began to rise in the fourth quarter of polarized film prices, single-season rose about 3% to 7%. Polarizer manufacturers have pointed out that since October has been for non-profitable products to raise prices, the next quarter supply and demand is still tight, prices are expected to steady.
    In recent years, the price of polarized light straight down, the first three quarters and the impact of the appreciation of the yen, the global polarizer factory only Nitto Denko can maintain profitability, the Taiwan plant Chi Mei material, Ming substrate, the first three quarters of force in 2016 are Loss.
    Polarizer plant in South Korea is also close the old production line, it is estimated that as many as seven production lines shut down throughout the year, with the capacity to reduce the supply and demand in the fourth quarter turned into a tight polarizer film, polo ralph lauren pas cher, . Coupled with strong demand in the second half of this year, the parts supply chain has become tight, and never hike the price of polarized film prices finally.
    Chi Mei said the beginning of the third quarter polarizer production capacity is quite tight in the fourth quarter, orders are still quite strong, and customer coordination, for non-profitable products to raise prices, the overall price of polarizer prices steady. Power pointed out that the second half of the price of polarized light can be seen stabilized situation, this year's strategic capacity to switch to car, industrial applications, small and medium size applications, the price is relatively superior to the general bulk products.
    2017 panel industry has three new plant put into operation, including a group of 8.6 on behalf of the plant, the BOE 8.5 generation plant, the 8.6-generation plant Hui Branch, as well as LGD and Huaxing photoelectric 8.5-generation plant expansion, resulting in polarizer demand increase. But from the polarizer supply side, the closure of the old factory will not return to work, the new plant is only Chi Mei plant in Kunshan, so supply is limited, the supply chain is expected in 2017 polarizer supply and demand in tight, now appears in the first half will not decline in value, Part of the product line will hike prices.