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2017 full fit module production capacity to continue bolted

  With the past 2016, the touch manufacturers have begun to inventory the past year, their respective shipments and revenue. Although the industry's largest sound in 2016 is the panel out of stock, but the actual year's total market shipments remained double-digit growth, the vast majority of the show manufacturers have passed a bumper year.

  In fact, most manufacturers in addition to continue to maintain revenue and shipments growth, the product structure has a certain upgrade. One of the ultra-thin, ultra-narrow frame and other high-definition display popular, not only to many new equipment to expand production capacity of the manufacturers received a large number of new orders, the display touch technology products to fully fit the direction of integration, To these manufacturers to bring additional processing income.

  According to the mobile phone reported online preliminary statistics, 2016 mobile phone TFT-LCD display total shipments will be close to 2 billion, of which LTPS LCD shipments close to 500 million, using the bonding technology is almost all fully fit technology.
While the other on the market size of 4.7 inches or more, the resolution of FHD above a-Si LCD products, there are nearly 70% of the share of the use of all-fit technology.

  Plus almost all of the full use of technology AMOLED mobile phone display, 2016 mobile phone display with all-in-one technology products shipped more than 1 billion scale, that is, half of the market mobile phone display products are used Full fit technology.
This also means that after the rapid growth in 2015, the whole market in 2016, the whole product technology sales growth rate is still more than 30%, close to 40%.

  Into 2017, with the global 4G mobile network expansion slowed down, smart phone growth rate slowed down, the terminal brand mobile phone manufacturers have begun to enter the product adjustment period, the original impact of incremental market penetration model will be with the replacement needs Reduce the capacity of the deployment will become less, and to improve the use of experience in the end models, and even high-end models of the capacity deployment will increase.

  According to the information sent by the terminal manufacturers, whether it is a-Si, or LTPS, 2017 market size of 4.7 inches or more, the resolution of FHD LCD products, almost all will require full fit technology.

  At the same time, according to the panel manufacturers plan, 2017 in China's LTPS panel production line, will release nearly 100 million new capacity, coupled with Sharp and JDI new or restored production capacity, 2017 Chinese market There will be about 200 million LTPS new capacity to put in.
If the plan in accordance with the parties, then in 2017, only the Chinese market, there are close to 300 million scale of the new all-in-one processing capacity demand, which also means that 2017 fully fit the growth rate of processing capacity will remain 30% growth rate.

  From 2016 on the Chinese market show the new expansion of the module processing capacity of the enterprise point of view, it is almost all fully fit technology-based. Such as the production capacity of the East, the joint production of electronic Chongqing, together, together with the new capacity, long letter of the new capacity, easy to Yancheng production capacity, in their respective automatic module production line, have joined the whole Fit the section.