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2016 China flat panel display industry trends seminar held in Beijing
Industry pattern is changing, the more intense reshuffle
The global panel industry pattern has occurred change, competition will more hasten is intense, mainland China display industry scale skyrocket, panel production total global ratio has reached 20%, become after the Japan, South Korea and China's Taiwan region, the fastest growing industry area.
Semi global vice president of semi China President Allen Lu, pointed out that global flat panel display since 2016 sales growth is slowing down, into a price increments, panel 5 big TV applications, desktop monitors, notebook computers, portable notebook, smart phones are slowing growth, improve the product dimension and parameter through the panel industry, prices remain unchanged or reduced to ensure that the market share. In recent years, the global panel investment agglomeration in China, the growth rate of China's panel production first, is expected to be completed in 2019 all projects will become the world's largest production capacity of the country. The Chinese government is an efficient platform for flat panel display industry, the local government is an important role in the construction project. Panel production capacity is rapidly growing, bringing huge equipment, materials supporting demand, but the equipment, materials and local facilities have not kept up. 2017 China flat panel display industry upstream raw material needs of up to $16 billion plus semiconductor, material needs more than 20 billion U.S. dollars, Chinese enterprises to bring a small golden period of 5-10 years. The future of the overall market slowdown, market segments are growing space, such as AMOLED in small size and large size have a larger growth space.
Ovid, Yungang (AVC) black electric division general manager Dong said that 2015 global TV panel shipments year-on-year growth of 7%, of which, the panel plant performance the most eye-catching, global shipments accounted for than by 2014, 17.3% rise to 23.6% in 2015, the formation of stable pole. Affected by the global economic downturn, in 2015 the whole global shipments fell 2.54%. High supply and low demand of market environment, 2015 panel prices plummeting, the panel industry chain facing a severe test of profit. 2016 is expected to global panel shipments are modest growth, and shipping area will increase of 16.6%, large size of the trend is obvious, or have the opportunity through the excess consumption of panel production capacity to alleviate the relationship between supply and demand is still grim. Surface, ultra thin, OLED differentiated products after the market cultivation, panel shipments expected 2016 into step soared, and become the new engine of panel factory profit.
Although in recent years the domestic panel production capacity is not inferior to foreign giants, but also mainly concentrated in the low-end products. After solving the problem of production capacity, the domestic panel industry is clearly need to think more about how to extend the high-end. Flat panel display manufacturers and the industry chain and downstream channels, finance, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, Internet and other industry cooperation will be more in-depth, and jointly promote the development of the industry.
Focus on large size, a new type of display products began to spread
At present, with the rapid development of the technology of OLED, quantum dots, laser display, flexible display model and innovation, new display technology of the difference is getting smaller, new display technology products has entered the popular stage, the focus of competition more extends to large size, high-definition, customized production will be better able to win the favor of consumers.