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2016 - 2010 mobile phone touch screen market development report

 In order to meet the demands of consumers on the increasingly stringent requirements of mobile phones, light and high degree of embedded touch structure panel to enter the market, with the yield, low-cost control gradually enhanced, In / On-cell embedded touch Structure panels are increasingly favored by mobile phone manufacturers. According to statistics, in 2016, nearly 50% of the world's mobile phone using In / On-cell panel.

   In-cell display is currently divided into two camps, one is In / On-cell LCD screen, in recent years, most of the In-cell LCD shipments are still concentrated in Japan JDI, Sharp and South Korea LGD, last year Mainland and Taiwan panel companies In / On-cell LCD shipments were significantly higher than 2015, but the market share in the terminal is still low, rising space. Taking into account the On-cell display panel production capacity, price, quality impact, the future growth rate of On-cell less than In-cell; the other is On-cell AMOLED screen, the main supplier for the Samsung SDC.

The world's largest mobile phone AMOLED panel supplier Samsung SDC said that plans in 2017 AMOLED panel shipments from 2016 to 370 million to 370 million, and by the end of 2016 began to add capacity, the L7 TV LCD panel line To create flexible AMOLED, while A3 flexible line production capacity increased 1-1.5 times, and most of these new production capacity will be available for the first time using AMOLED screen of Apple. In this case, Samsung SDC AMOLED distribution is expected this year, excluding Samsung for personal use, there are two new orders for Apple orders, domestic brands can get the capacity or almost the same as 2016.

   Based on domestic manufacturers is difficult to get more Samsung AMOLED screen assumptions, or to stimulate the development of two large markets. First, in addition to Samsung SDC other than AMOLED manufacturers, the most benefit of South Korea and South Korea and South Korea, Tianma, Xinli, the State was significantly other enterprises; the other is domestic and foreign In / On-cell panel manufacturers, including JDI, LGD, Sharp overseas companies and BOE, Tianma and other domestic enterprises. And according to the current domestic AMOLED panel production capacity, yield and other factors, the latter benefit significantly stronger than the former. Is expected in 2017 smartphone In / On-cell embedded touch structure panel share will rise further, reaching 53.8%.

   In recent years, by the embedded panel market share increase in the impact of plug-in touch-screen growth rate decreased year by year. And from 2015 the smart phone market gradually into the mature market, shipments growth rate has been low, In / On-cell embedded touch structure is still at a high level, which is higher than the former, a direct result of the future of smart phones Plug-in touch screen demand will gradually reduce the sun's large data is expected by 2020, the global smart phone touch screen demand from 2016 nearly 1 billion to 943 million.

   In 2016, China's touch screen business shipments of more than 700 million, affected by the global touch screen environment, the domestic touch screen market in the future or a little shrink, but the decline is lower than the global demand is expected by 2020, shipments will be reduced to 680 million pieces. In order to prevent the growth of business income in the doldrums, several large number of domestic shipping touch screen enterprises have to create a touch touch integrated plant, broaden the industrial layout.