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2015 annual sales of color TV data released: a diversified
Recently, Orville in 2015 China electronic information industry economic operation and the TV Industry Research Conference released data show that in 2015 China's color TV market retail volume is 467.4 million units, an increase of 4.8%, retail sales of 1572 billion yuan, up 7.5% over the same period last year, 3363 yuan market price, a year-on-year growth of 2.6 percent.
Weekly sales year-on-year changes in 2015 China color TV retail market
Orville yunwang (AVC) analysis, 2015 China TV market operation has the following characteristics:
The characteristics of 1 - electricity supplier store: asset standard online / offline + offline scene
2015, online TV market with outstanding performance, according to Ovid Yungang (AVC) data show, 2015 TV online retail market volume 1301 million units, an increase of 65%. Accounted for 28% of the market as a whole; the line retail market volume 337.3 million units. 8% year-on-year drop. The electricity supplier after several years of rapid development, the market becomes more mature, but the line of demographic dividend is disappearing from the line, to explore the incremental business market.
Which, by the Jingdong and Ali as the representative of the electricity supplier in the O2O layout is very positive and bold. 2015 "Jingdong help service shop in four to six cities line shop will be more than 1200; Ali butt in 27 provinces across the country. In 587 villages in China set up rural Taobao; Su Ning to build more than 1000 Suning Tesco service station and 600 Suning Tesco operated stores; 3800 line music experience store opened, sales accounted for ratio of 20%.
2012-2015 online market size and proportion
The rise of the mobile Internet has changed the path of user needs and behavior of consumption, also let the business giants begin to realize: the line is just one of the scenes of consumption. Therefore, in addition to the electricity supplier and a part of the electricity supplier of the Internet giant said the hunger for resources under the line. On the one hand, the electricity supplier to the occupation of the line shapes of the consumer scene; on the other hand, electricity demand for capacity of retailer supply chain under the line is also increasingly strong. Future online / offline o2o ecological scene + line goods and logistics will become the color TV industry standard commercial form, online and offline will jointly promote the consumption behavior of consumers (discover, purchase, payment, feedback, etc.) service, in this process, between online and offline trade system, payment system, operating system, customer system finally will gradually open up and converging.
The change characteristics of 2 rural areas: rural product demand and the gradual convergence of city
The rural market as the TV market under a blue ocean, has become the focus of enterprise competition and channels. According to Ovid, Yungang (AVC) data show: 2015 rural market sales to 1706 million units, accounted for 51%, urban market sales for 1667 million units, accounted for 49%.
By 2015, brands and channels to actively explore the rural market of three or four level, coupled with the rural consumption level of continuous improvement, rural market and urban market TV products gradually converging, rural color TV products similar to the high-end of development. According to Ovid, Yungang (AVC) data show that, the average size of the 2015 rural color TV was 44.2 inches, which is lower than the city 0.6 inches; rural 4K TV penetration rate was 34.3%, which is lower than the city of 2.3 percentage points; rural smart TV penetration rate was 73.3%, higher than the city of 0.7 percentage points. The product demand and the growing convergence of city.
In 2015 the city and rural product demand comparison
The characteristics of 3 brand shuffle: jump the queue, you have left behind
2015 China color TV industry has entered a period of adjustment, the price of Internet brand strategy makes the brand competition, brand pattern reshuffle. According to Ovid, Yungang (AVC) data display, 2015 music through product innovation and marketing innovation, retail volume ranking rose to No. 6; Philips with channel development, retail volume ranking jump a body to 11th.
2015 traditional domestic brands in the retail market share was 77%, compared to last year fell 3.8 percentage points; Internet brand retail market share of 10%, compared to last year increased by 5.1 percentage points; Han Xipin brand retail market share of 6%, compared to last year decreased by 0.5 percentage points; Japanese brand retail share of 7%, compared to last year fell 0.8 percentage points. 2015 Internet market share of the rapid upgrade of the Internet, Korean products to maintain the dominant position in foreign television brands, while the Japanese brand share has declined year by year.
2015 brand sales accounted for the ratio changes of camp
Features 4 price rise: large size change the market price
According to Ovid, Yungang (AVC) data shows, on the one hand, in 2015 China's color TV market, the retail price for 3363 yuan, an increase of 2.6%; on the other hand, by 2015, prices of China's color TV market, key size decreased, which 55 inches, 60 inches and 65 inch decline larger, respectively, 15%, 12% and 20%. Cause this phenomenon is mainly due to the large size of color TV products, the size of the structure of the upgrading of the market average rebound, in 2015 the average size of China's color TV has reached 44.5 inches, compared with the same period last year increased by 2.3 inches.
Average change in the size of the fold in 2015
Features 5 intelligent growth: intelligent more rich, the living room economy will mature
Intelligence has become the trend of the TV, while the way of television intelligence is also more and more rich, in which the smart TV, OTT box and intelligent micro investment is to achieve the three main ways of television intelligence. According to the Ao Weiyun network (AVC) data shows, cut-off 2015 smart TV total ownership of 10500 million units, when activated rate was 83%, when permeability is 73%; Ott box total population amounted to 601 million units, intelligent micro investment total population amounted to 90 million units. 2015 smart TV terminal day active users reached 41 million.
Intelligent as the center, the TV content is constantly enriched and improved, the TV ecology is gradually mature, the economic value of the living room