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12.1-inch organic LCD screen, help the next generation of electronic product design.
    FlexEnable, the global leader in the development and commercialization of flexible organic electronics, has recently developed a 12.1-inch flexible organic thin film transistor (LCD) liquid crystal display (LCD) based on plastic substrates, the Organic Liquid Crystal Display (OLCD) Showing an important milestone in the commercialization process. The OLCD technology is compatible with existing TFT-LCD production lines and is easy to implement for larger displays to meet the urgent needs of a wide range of markets, including automotive, consumer electronics and digital signage.
    FlexEnable's OLCD technology enables flexible displays with vivid color and smooth video content, based on plastic substrates, with organic transistor-driven backplanes, with OLCD thicknesses less than a quarter (less than 0.3) compared to conventional glass substrates Mm), less than one-tenth of its weight. These features, combined with the ruggedness of the OLCD and the different size of the surface matching, innovative design for the product brings a unique advantage. In order to integrate into a new generation of products, FlexEnable has been to strategic partners to provide different sizes of the display model. FlexEnable has been providing downstream application partners with small- and large-size display samples to develop next-generation applications. FlexEnable demonstrated a plastic LCD display with a radius of curvature less than 3 cm, allowing these partners to consider new applications for LCD displays.
    At the same time, FlexEnable is also working with Asian display manufacturers, OLCD technology in the transfer to the traditional flat panel display production line to provide technical support, thus achieving a full range of different shapes and sizes of plastic LCD display mass production. Due to the low cost and low temperature manufacturing process (below 100 ° C), FlexEnable's technology is the most cost-effective flexible display technology available today.
    "With the development of 12.1-inch display, we have confirmed the scalability of OLCD technology.Although liquid crystal display is currently on the market dominated and reliable display technology, but based on the glass substrate of the LCD display can not meet what we see Flexibility, robustness, and thickness for new applications such as automotive, consumer electronics, and wearable devices, "said Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable.
    "The ability to manufacture flexible plastic displays of different sizes allows us to easily capture market opportunities and work with end-user vendors to develop product models while enabling the supply chain in place to mass-produce plastic LCDs." For end-user vendors, this means they can "A wide range of display sizes and shapes are specified in the product design, which is not possible with a glass substrate display."
    FlexEnable will demonstrate the 12.1-inch OLCD model at the N264 booth at the CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) at 14:15 to 15:15 pm on January 6, 2017.